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Machine Shop

Machine Shop Services

Provides the Versatility of a Full Service Machine Shop specializing in the Custom Manufacturing of Pulley and High Quality Machining Services such as CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Gear hobbing and CMM Inspection.


  • Pulley belt Grooves : A, B,BC, D, E, 3V, 5V, 8V J, K, L, M
  • Rope and Cable Pulleys
  • Timing Pulleys
  • Gear Hobbing / Cutting splines / Worm gears / Helical Gears
  • Robotic High volume Milling / Turning
  • Turning and Milling of Castings
  • Turing and Milling of Steel, Alloy Steels, Alum, Cast iron, Stainless steels, Brass, Bronze
JK Pulley

3805 Bates Street
St. Louis, MO 63116-3228
Phone: 314-481-2900
Fax: 314-481-9004


06/26/2024 - Timing pulleys are a fundamental component in mechanical systems that demand precision and reliability. Timing... More